Motion Picture and Video Lighting, Revised Edition


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Product Description

Motion Picture and Video Lighting explores the technical, aesthetic and practical aspects of lighting for film and video. Written by a professional in the field, this comprehensive book reveals inside information based on years of experience and thoroughly explores the challenges faced by cinematographers, lighting directors, gaffers and grips.

Through a hands on approach which is augmented by insightful diagrams, tables, charts and photographs, the author illustrates the power of light as one of the most important elements of filmmaking. Whether the reader is a professional, or student, a gaffer, grip or cameraman, this book will be a useful reference.
Blain Brown is a cinematographer and lighting director based in Los Angeles, California. He has lit and photographed a range of productions – from macro/table tops to boxing arenas, and from no-budget shoestring productions to large-scale features. Mr. Brown has also worked as a producer and line producer on commercials, music videos and feature films.