Gorilla Grain – Film Grain Plugin

A variety of plugins that provide the ability to add film grain to your digital video projects. Real film scans for a feal grain feel.

Product Description

Gorilla Grain – Instantly add cinematic 35mm grain to your footage! Featuring REAL 35mm film grain!

Film Grain Plugin

Gorilla Grain is a great and inexpensive plugin that provides the ability to add film grain to you projects.

From the Gorilla Grain Website:

Gorilla Grain utilizes real 35MM and 16MM film scans to give you that film look you want! As a filmmaker, I’ve always strived for that “film look.” I got close, but yet something was missing…… GRAIN!!! And not just any “fake” grain mustered up in a computer, these are real film scans from 35mm and 16MM film!

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