Red Weapon To Be Announced At NAB 2015

The Red Weapon to be announced at NAB 2015. Today on, Jarred Land of Red Digital Cinema announced that they will be releasing a camera upgrade for all Red Dragon cameras.

Red will continue with their promise to make “Obsolescence Obsolete” which gives Red owners an upgrade path for their cameras. As a current Dragon owner this is some exciting news!!

The new camera is named “WEAPON” and will be a paid upgrade for any camera owners who have upgraded to DRAGON. The upgrade will be offered to both Epic Dragon and Scarlet Dragon camera owners. Details will be announced at this year’s NAB show in Las Vegas on April 11, 2015. As always, with Red products, there is a lot of speculation on about the detail.

We don’t know much at this time, but Jarred did confirm that: “For everyone that hasn’t upgraded yet…. you are best to get that done before the show. It will be worth it.” He also noted that “Dragon upgrade lines will be shutting down and switching over to Weapon mid summer” So to qualify for the Weapon upgrade Jarred said: “you need to own a Dragon to upgrade to Weapon. As long as you are a Dragon owner before NAB, you will get a nice chunk of change back to continue along the journey.”

Once again Red seems to be pushing the development of digital cameras forward at a blistering pace. In August of 2007, Red was established and started to build the world’s first 4K camera, The Red One. They have been pioneers that continue to change the face of the motion picture industry ever since. The most recent camera Red Dragon with a 6K sensor, has an impressive native exposure that eclipses 35mm film in both latitude and image density.

According to Jarred the announcement of the Weapon comes prior to NAB “to give you(camera owners)that heads up” in case they haven’t upgraded yet. One detail he did share was that Weapon will only use the MiniMag.


This will make the slower 1.8 SSD Mags a thing of the past, which was not appreciated by some camera owners that have thousands of dollars invested in the media. But as Jarred stated “There are reasons why the old mags won’t work on the new camera… Sometimes you can’t bring everything from the past with you when technology moves forwards”. The image that was posted also looks like there is a possibility of a body being upgraded.

We will keep you updated as more information comes available with regards the Red Weapon to be announce at NAB 2015 and also watch the thread at because Jarred is known for leaking out information to keep the excitement brewing.

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