Red Raven Rumors

Is RED planning to unveil a new lower priced camera called the RED Raven?

Jarred Land the self proclaimed Red Fire Chief has managed yet again to get the rumors flying over at with a simple photo that was just posted to his Facebook timeline. This post seems to be a hint that they are planning to unveil a new camera.


From the photo, the new camera looks like it may be called the RED Raven, this has started to get the users speculating what this new piece of gear could be.

To me, it looks like the body may be different than their usual metal and carbon fiber bodies they have used since the original release of the Red One, Epic, Dragon and Weapon, the latest camera that has recently started shipping.


Red is also teasing a new camera using the hashtag #4K4ALL, while there is absolutely no information about the camera some are drawing the conclusion that it may be a more affordable version, hoping that they are planning on finally releasing a 4K camera for $4K camera.

Check back here at and we will break the story as soon as more information becomes available.

If you want to read more about the rumors and speculations a thread has been started at


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