Film Set Humor – Part 2

Ok. So if you enjoyed Film Set Humor – Part 1, You are sure to enjoy Film Set Humor Part 2.

Remember: Don’t get offended this is all in good fun:)

Here’s a few jokes by departments jokes.


Two producers are sitting on a park bench. A beautiful girl walks by. The first producer says “Man, I’d like to screw her”.
The other producer says “Out of what?”

How can you tell when a producer is lying?
His lips move.

What’s the difference between a producer and a coconut?
You can get a drink out of a coconut.

What do you call a plane full of producers that is about to crash?
A good start.

Camera Department

Why don’t DP’s smoke?
Because it takes them 6 hours to light it.

What is the difference between a DP and God?
God doesn’t think he’s a DP

What is the difference between a grip and a camera operator?
A Camera Operator can read.

What is the difference between a camera operator and a DP?
A DP can write.

How do you spot an AC at the airport?
$200 sunglasses, $100 shoes, free t-shirt

What’s the heaviest thing, a camera assistant has to carry?
The operator.

Sound Department

Why do sound guys only count to two when checking a mic?
Because you lift on 3….

Why does thunder always come after lightning?
Even God has to wait on sound.

How tall are sound mixers?
I don’t know, I’ve never seen one standing.

How do you make a location sound mixer mad?

What’s the difference between a Sound guy and a generator?
The generator stops whining after the shoot.

Grip and Electrics

Why was the dolly invented?
To teach grips how to walk upright.

How can you tell the difference between a grip and an electrician?
The electricians take the dishes out of the sink before they pee in it.

What’s another name for an apple box?
Grip to ground adapter.

What do you call a grip without a girlfriend?

What do you call a Grip in a suit?
The defendant.

What did the key grip get on his IQ test?

How are Grips and Electricians the same?
Grips don’t want to be electricians either.

What is the main difference between grips and electricians?
Electricians know who their father is.


How can you spot a teamster’s kid on the playground?
His is the only one off to the side, watching the other kids play.

How can you tell when a teamster is dead?
The doughnut falls out of his mouth.

How do you tell if a teamster’s truck is leveled?
They’ve got drool coming out of both sides of their mouth.

Well, if you made it this far congratulation. Here are the last few jokes to wrap things up. We hope you enjoyed this look at film set humor – part 2! And if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Film Set Humor Part 1 for the classic “Light Bulb Jokes.”

What does an AD use for birth control?
His personality.

How do you get the attention of four aspiring actors?
You yell ”Waiter!”

How do you know if a filmmaker is at a party?
Don’t worry, he’ll tell you.

Doctor is operating on a patient, when he starts to code, the nurse start to panic. The doctor yells “Calm down, it’s not like we’re making a movie here.”

What do you call a PA that stands around doing nothing all day?
An absolute necessity.

What’s a film school graduate call a high school drop out?

What do you call an out of work director?
A writer.

What do you call an out of work actor?
A producer.

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