Film Composer Fil Eisler


Film Composer Fil Eisler talks about his journey from rock musician to a music composer in Hollywood.

In this video film composer Fil Eisler discusses how he made his career change by starting to score music for shorts, student films and anything he could be a part of, which led him to composing and conducting, a 50-piece orchestra on the ABC’s TV show Revenge.

Learn how he uses and selects instruments to achieve a certain moods, how he writes based on his experiences with his orchestra and how he throws everything he knows out each and every time he starts a project.

He points out how it’s important to have your own musical voice and style and he believes that is what will help you stand out from other musicians and composers.

Fil Eisler’s music can be heard on Revenge, ABC’s hit drama, as well as Showtime’s Emmy-winning Shameless. In 2013, Fil Eisler won a BMI Award for his work on Revenge and Shameless.

Other credits include ER, Smoking Aces 2: Assassins’ Ball, My Best Friend’s Girl, Kitchen Sink, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, TV Mini-series Thief, and the indie film Growing Up and Other Lies.

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