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For Filmmakers. By Filmmakers. Dedicated to independent filmmaking.

At its very basic form, indiefilm.org is a website designed to provide resources, inspiration and advice in a community dedicated to the Independent Film & the filmmakers behind the camera.

Founded by various film professionals, the mission of Indiefilm.org is to push forward the independent film and motion picture industry by providing resources and a central online archive of all things relating to independent film production.  With articles written by your professional filmmaking peers, document templates that include items every filmmaker needs and a directory of all things throughout the World Wide Web related to independent film production, indiefilm.org strives to be the first stop for every filmmaker on their journey to creating their next independent film.

With the growth of the film industry throughout the world and the availability of the tools of the trade expanding, indiefilm.org strives to be a reference and resource in developing and fostering film production.  Indiefilm.org hopes that by bridging the connections between producers, filmmakers, actors, crew along with other industry professionals, Indiefilm.org will be central to the expansion and development of future independent film projects, the industry’s growth globally and a more vibrant and interactive film community.

Indiefilm.org Goals:

  • Act as a portal to all relevant online and offline resources for Independent film
  • Promotion of Film Production as an industry globally
  • Sponsor & Organize Networking events for industry professionals
  • Sponsorship of educational events and various workshops throughout the filmmaking community
  • Promote and assist in marketing independent projects
  • Provide FREE Downloads of Forms, Agreements and other documents utilized in the filmmaking industry
  • Develop a community through Forum discussions that provide a playground opportunity to educate one-another

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How to use Indiefilm.org

The goal for indiefilm.org from the very beginning was to create a one-stop resources for independent film. The challenge is creating a website that not only serves the new AND the experienced but also organizes the massive amount of content that is required to truly be a one-stop resource for independent filmmakers. So, indiefilm.org took a cue for the industry that it is built around and has organized all of our content based upon the category of production that it belongs.

  • Development – including Financing, Conceptualizing, Writing, Pitching & Packaging
  • Pre Production – including Budgeting, Scheduling, SAG, Insurance, Casting, Crewing, Location Scouting, Planning
  • Production – Equipment, Production Management, Sound, Cinematography, Grip & Electric
  • Post Production – Editorial, Audio, Music, Clearances, Workflow, Visual Effects
  • Distribution – Festivals, E&O Insurance, MPAA, Deal Negotiation and more

What Indiefilm.org offers

Indiefilm.org provides access to a variety of content designed to educate and assist filmmakers in the production of their independent film projects.

  • Resource Directory – The yellow pages for Independent Film
  • Document Downloads – Forms, Agreements and other documents available for free
  • Articles – The latest insights from the world of Independent film
  • Videos – Including How-To, Behind the Scenes and Q&A’s videos from filmmaking professionals in all positions of the film industry
  • Forums – Get involved with a community of your peers to find answers to your everyday film industry questions

For Filmmakers. By Filmmakers. Your Opinion Matters.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve indiefilm.org, feel free to contact us with any suggestions, additions or other ideas you have on how we can make this the most comprehensive and useful online resource and community for Independent film.